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Corporate Wellness

Ofemi Brown-Harris, Market Event Manager - Rasheem has worked with PwC for over 2 years teaching Bootcamp and Core Abs to our accountants. Our participants love his style of training! They verbally rave about him and his class participation is high.  He is extremely knowledgeable about his craft, is dedicated to making sure everyone succeeds, adds new and exciting exercises each week to keep people engaged, and genuinely cares about his trainees. Rasheem is our top fitness instructor, and we are fortunate to have him on our team. We look forward to partnering with him many more years to come.

Perkins Eastman - For 2015 calendar year, Perkins Eastman wanted to invest in the wellness of our employees, and one of the programs to kick start of wellness initiatives was to offer corporate fitness at work. We offered three classes, with three great instructors. The classes were held twice a week for an hour duration, but one of the most well attended classes was “BootCamp” instructed by Rasheem Clark of Bralic Fitness. Rasheem is a great instructor in the group sessions, he motivates, offers positive feedback, and quickly corrects you on exercises if you're doing something incorrectly. He makes sure you get the most out of each exercise and he also makes sure you stretch before and after workouts, and use proper form so you don't risk injury.  He does not smile, pushes you to your limit, and doesn’t let you cheat yourself out of an intense workout. The classes are hard core and fun, but it is a rewarding feeling once you are finished, a feeling of accomplishment.

Perkins Eastman Wellness Committee - Rasheem helped the class to understand about proper diet, endurance, proper stretching, posture and flexibility, and he pushed the class with creativity and interesting workouts that strengthen the core and improved endurance. The variety of exercises, sets, and levels of effort during a workout at boot camp keeps your body guessing, which leads to significant fitness gains, and weight loss the class has seen so far.  We are excited to resume the classes for the summer of 2016  to see how strong and how much more weight loss we can achieve as a group,  Thanks to Rasheem Clark. So no matter where you are starting from, if you are wanting to lose some weight, get in shape, train for some type of sport or activity, work on posture or flexibility or have problem body areas, need help with proper diet, or even if you just want to feel better about yourself and enjoy some time with a fun group of people, I would really suggest a couple of introductory sessions at Bralic Fitness to see if you like it.  You will! 

Silman Associates, Andrea Tortorella - "Boot Camp" sounded intimidating, but with Rasheem I knew I was making the right decision to commit to a program.  I loved the intervals and the differentiation of exercises which kept each and every class fresh and new.  Raheem wasn't your typical loud pushy trainer.  He was inspiring and logical which allowed you to go at your own pace yet reach your goal. Our engineering firm was looking for a trainer for our after work wellness program.  Thankfully we were introduced to Rasheem Clark and now he is part of our wellness team.  Rasheem is professional, courteous and punctual.  What makes him different?  He is inspiring and flexible without being pushy and loud.  Our employees look forward to his class as a remedy to a stressful day.



Personal Training 

Jori Robbins - Rasheem has been a wonderful trainer for me this past year. We have been working together for just under a year, and I have learned a great deal from him about core exercises, weights, nutrition and general fitness. He successfully pushes me to obtain success and has high expectations for my growth. Rasheem always has a great plan of action for us each time we meet. He is also flexible and understanding about any conflicts or issues. Lastly, Rasheem has a good attitude and is always pleasant to work with. It has been a great experience training with Rasheem and highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great trainer.

Darci Manely -Rasheem and I have been working together for over 6 months. In that time he has created a custom system for me that's been consistently challenging, inventive, and results-focused. He definitely is an expert in his field, and I feel confident in his instruction. He has worked around my difficult schedule time and time again. I would recommend training with Rasheem to anyone, and have done so repeatedly in the offline world!

Alvin Suarez - Just finished a great workout with my awesome trainer. Since I've been with Rasheem I am 18 pounds lighter and counting. 

Eman A. - Rasheem has introduced me to the world of boxing, real boxing! Old school technique and training. I was hooked and have dedicated so much time and effort to those workouts with Rasheem. He kept me motivated and eager for more. In return I got much stronger, and able to tackle many physical challenges I was not able to do in the past. i.e. summiting a 9,380 ft active volcano. Thank you Rasheem, we need you back in Kuwait!  

Michelle Byalick - I really enjoy training with Rasheem. I definitely work harder than I ever would by myself and have been able to try different types of workouts that I never would have thought I could do—including boxing! Rasheem is always invested in my progress which is very important to me. I have bad knees and he is cautious to make sure each exercise is done properly so as to not put added pressure on my knees. When I was working on getting in shape for my wedding, Rasheem kept me on track with both my workouts—concentrating specifically on the details of my dress and shape—and my nutrition until I met the goals we set. I was extremely happy with the way I looked and felt on my wedding day! I would definitely recommend Rasheem as a personal trainer.

Chris Byalick - I have seen great results since working with Rasheem, both in strength and my physique. I never thought I could lift or workout to the level that I have with him. We always incorporate different types of sets or movements which keep the workouts challenging and interesting. One of my favorite parts is the after workout challenge that we’ve begun to include. I always try to do it no matter how exhausted I already am!

Vasco Bilbao-Bastida - Rasheem was an excellent trainer for me, as I was learning the fundamentals of boxing in a group class setting. Not only was he able to clearly demonstrate and explain technique, but he remembered my strengths and areas of development from class to class, helping me build on what I had learned and keep progressing. Always encouraging, Rasheem made a sport that can at times seem intimidating actually be both challenging and fun. Thank you, Rasheem! 

Autumn Von Der Stuck - "I began working out with Rasheem to get my body “wedding ready.”  After seeing the success that my friend experienced from training with Rasheem, I was confident that he would get me to that next level. I couldn’t believe the transformation that I saw over just four months of training together. Rasheem was able to get me into the best shape of my life, which made me feel beyond confident and absolutely stunning on my wedding day. I’ve continued to work out with Rasheem for nearly a year now because of his exceptional professionalism and his ability to keep me motivated session after session with his creative and unique workouts. Rasheem sincerely cares about his clients and his laid back style of motivation continues to push me to be my best, while keeping our workouts positive and achievable. He is such a knowledgeable and personable personal trainer that I trust and value his guidance to drive me forward. I would definitely recommend Rasheem to anyone, at whatever level of fitness.”

Chris Manning - I hate working out. I actually consider myself a pretty active person, but going to the gym has always seemed so futile, there was never enough short term pay off for me. But working out with Rasheem has been great, I don't mind being trained by someone, and being trained by Rasheem was more like hanging out with a friend. I couldn't recommend another trainer any higher than him.

Deborah Sanford - Just when I thought I had working out under control, until Rasheem introduced us to; wheel barrels, flutter kicks, Turkish sit-ups, and shoulder taps. I am so sore but accomplished.

NonProfit Afterschool Youth Program

Good Shepherd Services, Elyssa Moseley, LCSW, Program Director

Bushwick Leaders High School • 797 Bushwick Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11221 

Rasheem Clark has been the boxing/strength and conditioning activity instructor of our high school afterschool program for almost two years now. Rasheem works intensively with the teens, training them in boxing techniques, helping them to understand the importance of discipline and hard work in training and assisting in instilling confidence through achievement. He has also coordinated presentations of boxing technique and history for our bi-annual showcase performances at the school. I have seen Rasheem be an excellent role model for our young people, demonstrating to them through his own example the importance of follow-through and focus, as well as helping them believe they can achieve success.

What are employers saying about the corporate fitness classes?

I just went for my first fitness class and I loved it. Thanks! 

---Nasra Nimaga

Very excited for this. Count me in for two classes per week! 

---Reana Sheth

BootCamp was awesome Yesterday! I am really sore but I will be back tomorrow. Rasheem is an excellent instructor.

 ---Louis Messinga

Awesome, no other workout made me feel so good, It makes me feel like I really kicked my butt. 

---Maibi Rojas

I Never did a push-up in my life until attending the corporate fitness class, I can do 10 now!! Yesss… Rasheem Thank You

---Deborah Sandiford




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